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Telemarketing Software

Fast Customer Telemarketing Software fully customizable outbound calling solution that works for you, exactly the way you want powerful automation means more time to contact leads.

import contacts

Import Telecalling

To start telecalling we should have enough number of data. It is very difficult refer an excel sheet or refer a website while calling and update the status. So customer management software provides an option to import the data whatever contacts you have. Also you can make group of contacts and import through excel or csv file format. For example you would like to promote your product to CCTV industry. You can get the list of CCTV suppliers and distributors from the market in excel sheet format.In Customer management system software you can create those contacts in a group called CCTV contacts and import to Fast customer management system. So that you can able to distribute the call list by indutry group to telecallers.

call status

Update Call Status

Telecalling updation is very user friendly, you can call the customer and update the status quickly. Suppose if the customer is not interested on your product then just click on "Not Interested" so that software will update the status to not interested as well as it will take you to the next call. In case you want to mention for what reason he doesn't like the product you can mention in the remarks. Also if the customer would like to know your product detail or company profile you can send those detail in one click without going to other page.

call allocation

Allocate Telecalling

It is very difficult to allocate the calls one by one. So customer management system provides an option where you can allocate multiple calls at a time. Our Software will automatically split and recommend the number of calls you can assign to each telecaller. Then you can decide how many calls will be done by each telecaller

Tranfer call

Transfer Allocation

Telemarketing Software,if any one of the telecaller is planning to take leave then you can not re-allocate all the assigned call from him to others one by one. CRM Software has a feature where you can transfer multiple assigned calls to other telecaller.

telecalling reports


Telecalling customer management system has some powerful reports like Today's Call Summary, Today's Followups, Pending Calls, Pending Followups etc. As a manager you can analize the call status and watch the progess of telecalling. Also a manager can find the performance of each telecaller.