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CRM for Banking Sector

The Banking sector being the cornerstone of an economy needs to make meticulous decisions while expanding business. Setting realistic sales targets & monitoring them requires accurate information about past & current performance of the sales teams. Monitoring sales targets is equally important as planning them. Regular monitoring helps to take corrective measures for any divergence. A Fast Banking CRM Software helps Banking companies to monitor sales targets. Furthermore it also helps to identify high value employees & reward them accordingly.

This module helps you:

Set, track and monitor sales targets for your business and your bank’s sales team members respectively.

Banking CRM Software monitor your revenue graph.

Monitor & manage the sales performance of your business and sales teams.

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Automatic follow ups with SMS messages

Add automated SMS sending to your automation work flows and send follow ups to your contacts, notify sales agents, and more. Define the exact delivery time schedule so that you send at the optimal day and time.

Phone numbers

Manage and collect phone numbers

Import your contacts with phone numbers or import phone numbers and manually manage your existing contacts. Create and integrate forms into your website and applications to request phone numbers to be used in your campaigns.