chemical management software

CRM For Chemical Industries

What is the purpose of CRM in Chemical Industries?

Fast & best CRM software for chemical industry allows you to streamline the day-to-day processes in a manufacturing set up. With this great tool you can earn the confidence vote of the customers.
✓ Sales forecasting
✓ Optimum utilization of sales resource
✓ Empower workforce with skill training
✓ Market visibility to fight competitors
✓ Boost sales and services
✓ Track and manage aging chemical inventory systems
✓ Easier access to technology for real time information updates.

CRM For Chemical Industry

CRM database

Centralised DataBase

You can manage all your customers Database in one place. So it becomes easy to access the information regarding any customer at any time. Just by a single click all Information can be viewed.
✓ Capture and track all customer information and interactions
✓ Real-time data to make informed decisions
✓ Identify Prospective Customers

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

best CRM software helps the manufacturing units to streamline the complete process flow in a very efficient manner, moreover it does not require any overhead support, it leads to reduction in extra cost & also helps in more revenue generation.
✓ Less time in lead filtering
✓ Optimize skilled workforce save high employee turnover.
✓ Timely order processing save customer service time and effort to retain the business.
✓ Real time inventory monitoring
✓ Demand forecasting save extra production cost.

Follow-up Management

Lead Follow-up Management

Fast Online CRM facilitate seamlessly capturing inquiries coming from a variety of sources, including website lead forms, marketing automation systems, and lead providers.
✓ Lead capture
✓ Flexible lead distribution
✓ Continuous activity prioritization
✓Real-Time dashboard and reporting

Tracking payments

Tracking payments, delivery & dispatch

Cloud CRM systems for manufacturing industry offer functionality to schedule and track partial payments against orders, installation, purchases etc. also it automatically calculate pendency aging.
✓ Set partial payment reminders
✓ Track follow-up conversations
✓ Manage dispatch details
✓ Manage delivery logs
✓ Delivery and dispatch reports
✓ Pending order reports