Call center software

CRM for Call Center

What is the purpose of CRM call center software?

Fast CRM for Call Center Industry allows you to
✓ Enable for quick access to customer’s profile and entire interactions
✓ Enable for fast complaint resolving
✓ Improve solution parameters over the call
✓ Enable to take product’s information on single screen
✓ Enhance visibility parameters on each employee performance
✓ Enable for internal & external strong customer support
✓ Track & analyze customer’s complain & queries on single screen
✓ CRM for call center is enhance call center efficiency
✓ Synchronize various communication channels

Call center CRM


Prompt Reminder

When you have number of calls to done and N number of leads closely to follow, to remember every task is a big challenge. Fast CRM Call center software is one single platform which gives you remainders to make every scheduled call.

Reduce Call handling Time

Reduce Call handling Time

Once the system identifies the caller, it automatically put all the information on agents screen using screen pop ups. This reduces call handling time and creates personalised call experience.

Dialling numbers

Single Click Dialling

Make calls directly from CRM call center software and save your valuable time by dialling numbers over phone.