Retail CRM Software

CRM For Retail Industry

What is the purpose of retail CRM software?

Retail CRM software is one solution that every retailer relies on because it is directly linked to the customer and in turn results in better sales and good revenues.
✓ Automotive CRM increase channel sales revenues
✓ Monitor key metrics such as days of receivables, inventory and capital adequacy.
✓ Garner and incorporate valuable customer feedback to drive product innovations
✓ Improve target list with accurate data and updated data
✓ Track stocks and orders to ensure realistic commitments to distributors and customers
✓ Strengthen workforce management
✓ Get real-time reports across teams, products and geographies.

CRM For Retail Industry

Customer communication

Be More Customer Centric

Retail CRM software includes single point contact for all the customer and capturing customer communication enable to you to be more customer centric by evaluating their requirements, experiences and expectations.
✓ Easily collect and monitor customer feedback to drive product innovations
✓ Efficient customer complaints handling
✓ Run loyalty programs to retain and reward repeat customers
✓ Boost Campaign return on investments

performance report

Strategy Formation

Readily available MIS and performance reports gives you real time status of business demands and expected sales. The information can be utilize to make future policies to increase sales and improve relations with channel partners.
✓ Facilitate execution of joint marketing campaigns & events with partners
✓ Improve target list with accurate data and updated data
✓ Create smart offers by understanding purchase trends

Inventory management

Simplify inventory management

At the point of sending quotation and taking order, automotive CRM allow you to get the status of the available inventory, which not only help timely order delivery, it also enable you to re-order inventory on time.
✓ Anticipate inventory stocking needs by implementing smarter replenishment techniques
✓ Generate automated system notifications to indicate time for reorder
✓ Track stocks and orders to ensure realistic commitments to distributors and customers

Performance management

Strengthen workforce management

Strengthen workforce management Managing workforce performance was never so easy. Using retail CRM software each user has its own login interface recording his communication, problem resolution and pending activities with reports. Manager can use the available utilities to get insight into teams activities and ensure accountability.
✓ Use in-built knowledge retention to combat effects of sales forces attrition.
✓ Deploy best practices to manage workforces using action taken reports, reminders, structured relationship programs, etc.
✓ Upgrade workforce & partner skill set using targeted self-paced training programs