lead management software

Lead Management Software

Best Lead management software is about creating a complete process to track and manage your sales leads (your potential customers) from their initial contact with your business through to their “conversion” into a sale, and so into being a customer. But it doesn’t stop there. Lead management software also creates a process for how you maintain your relationship with the customer. Hence, the customer becomes a repeat customer, a loyal customer, and in time an advocate of your product or service.

Lead Management Process

Leading CRM Software is the process of tracking and managing prospective customers. Our leading management software helps you manage your sales leads, or prospects, from initial inquiry through to a confirmed sale. When you create a new lead you’ll be able to manage your interaction with them right through the sales process, generating sales opportunities and forecasts. The custom fields feature means you can set up your data to record what’s important to your business. For example, you might include tags and lead ratings, using Custom Fields, to help qualify your prospects, recording more data as your interactions build up.

Lead Management

Lead Capturing

Lead Capturing

Lead entries directly into CRM solutions from sources like websites, android app, visits, etc.

Lead Follow ups

Lead Follow-Up

Lead follow-up dashboard for clear view of pending lead follow-ups. Prioritize your leads and drive them proactively using the dashboard.

Organize the Sales Process

Organize the Sales Process with Ease

For a change, use our filters to sort leads by users, products, sources, zones, contacts or any combination of the above for faster and efficient lead management.

CRM Reports

Lead analytics and reporting

The apps allow you to create and analyze lead reports which provide an overview of sales and marketing results. These features can help you understand which leads are showing the highest conversion rates and which sales campaigns are proving to be the most successful.