Reselling Partner
Reselling partner

FAST CRM partners are our sources of great functionality in the products and services that we provide to our customers. We appreciate their partnership and strive to strengthen the retained relationships between them.

NetSol Technologies,Kuwait

NetSol Technologies,Kuwait
Office No. 2, First floor, Salmiya Center Complex,
Salmiya - PO Box 538, Hadiya ,52285 Kuwait
Tel : +965 2571 2548 Fax : +965 2571 2496

Technology Partner
Technology partners

FAST CRM partners are valuable; they continue to offer advanced technology and provide our clients with quality industry leading products. All of these relationships are crucial to both yours and our success as these companies provide us with the superior hardware capable of running our software solutions.

Retail Solution and Technologies

Retail Solution and Technologies
No:33, Thiruveethianaman kovil street,
RK Nagar, R A Puram, Chennai – 600 028.
Phone: +91 9443744933 / 044 24616222