Invoice & billing management software

Invoice & Billing Management

Our fast business CRM solutions ,invoice management tool will help you to manage your actual invoice which will be generated as per quotation only if it is finalized.Organizations can be quickly automate the entire invoice process while collecting all the relevant data & approvals along the way.

Create invoice

Create invoices

Fast CRM for small business create invoices either directly adding customer information such as address & contact information or from finalized quotation.Invoice management is integrated with quotation.When done,you can send the invoice directly to the client's e-mail address from your CRM,save the invoice as a PDF file & even print it out right from your web browser.

Send alerts

Send alerts

Our business CRM software,alerts are generated in form of SMS & E-mail so send alerts via SMS & E-mail.With SMS & E-mail notifications integrated , users & management will always stay in loop.Complete all your actions promptly through our interacting cloud business application & successfully beat your deadlines.

GST Compliant

GST Compliant

Our business CRM software, auto addition of taxes according to state. GST reports generate state wise, tax code wise, periodic, etc.


Quick and detailed reports

Fast business CRM solutions doesn’t just help you create invoices but also offers comprehensive reports.