Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the CRM FAQ section....These FAQs are intended to clarify, explain, and promote better understanding of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

CRM software (customer relationship management software) is enterprise software that covers a broad set of applications and software to help businesses manage customer data and customer interactions, access business information, run reports, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, vendor and partner relationships. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system for managing how a company manages all its interactions (calls, meetings, emails, sales) with each customer.

That depends on a variety of factors; what type of features do you require, do you want offline version or cloud version of software.

Our customer support team is waiting to hear from you. We are easy to reach by phone, email or SMS.

Not necessary. We have a version of a software that can operate offline (without internet ) as desktop application and we have version of software that works totally online from cloud server which is called as cloud CRM software.

Besides the possibility to enter and edit contacts by hand, existing files can also be excel imported into the CRM systems.

We operate throughout the world.

Yes.Purchasing CRM software is a major business investment, so it’s crucial to be able to see how the software works and get a walk-through before making the decision. If the vendor doesn’t offer a free demo or free trial, it’s probably wise to look elsewhere.

Reports are important to understand how your company can do better, and which leads need more attention. The CRM systems should have a full array of reports with information on your leads and prospects.