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CRM For Service Industry

What is the purpose of services CRM ?

Automotive services CRM software & simple CRM for service industry is an intelligent tool to track each and every service activity. It gives you flexibility to manage service operations like AMC pending, service engineer’s scheduling, product’s history and PMS visits.
✓ Automotive CRM software provides unlimited note taking ability.
✓ Automated email statements, invoices, notices, and marketing collateral
✓ Stored documents, service history, maintenance contracts, sales history, past and current billing, installation notes, system notes
✓ Synchronize with customers and contacts within your QuickBooks records
✓ Boost Sales and Services
✓ Enable recurring tasks for account maintenance or services for easy task management

Customer Contact History

Your customer will reach you if he has any service enquiry or complaint against your product or services.Automotive CRM software streamline multiple contacts for one customer, customer contact history, product and services brought by him, pending and processed services request. Online access to customer information helps customer service team to provide him quick answer in any case.
✓ Quick view customer contact details
✓ Details of product and services brought by customer
✓ Reports on similar issues reported by customer
✓ Help making customer retention strategies
✓ Gain customer loyalty
✓ Increase recurring business

Centralized Database

Fast CRM offer common database for customer details, product details, customer contact history, knowledge database for common problems etc. This centralised information sharpens customer service activities to support customer enquiries and provide them best service esurance. That leads to:-
✓ Less time solving customer enquiries
✓ Providing best solution to customer problems
✓ Comprehensive 360 degree view of customer contacts for making future strategies
✓ Manage customer contract renewal reminders
✓ Identify cross selling opportunities.
✓ Thus increased satisfied customers and more recurring business

Service Scheduling

Best customer service is to help your customer on time. Remembering schedule for 1000’s customers at a time is not possible for human mind. CRM for service Industry offer task/activity scheduling facility will offer on-screen, mobile and email reminders for activity scheduled and rescheduled to serve your customer. CRM help
✓ Activity rescheduling easy.
✓ Multiple channel to get notifications.
✓ Get comprehensive view of customer communication
✓ Problem escalation
✓ Workforce utilization
✓ Provide efficient service
✓ Make more happy customers
✓ Manage SLA by reducing service time

Reporting and Analytics

Get actionable insights into your service performance with dashboards and reports offered by Fast CRM for service industry.
✓ Define proactive actions based on real market data
✓ Planning and reporting of service visits
✓ Overview on all cross-/up-selling opportunities