Real estate crm software

CRM For Real Estate Industries

What is the purpose of CRM in Real Estate Industries?

Fast real estate CRM software for real estate industry helps to manage pre and post sales customer management which includes leads, quotation, booking, documentation. etc. Real Estate developers have to keep track of each and every enquiry status to maintain better relationship with their customers. Fast real estate CRM software bridges the gap between builder and its customers.
✓ Maximize conversion rates
✓ Make the process of sales more smooth & transparent
✓ Get updated information for yours Sales executives activities
✓ Keeps all the information of follow-ups & communication chain with the customers, at one platform
✓ Manage detailed information related to Builders, their projects & pricing centralizing
✓ Store details of completed booking for future references
✓ Gives timely reminders for pending or up-coming payments, pending documentation etc.

Real estate software

Customer software

Segmentation of Customers

Fast web CRM software help Real Estate companies to easily segment & target the customers. It allows companies to get focused approach over the clients according to need based analysis.
✓ They can segregate customer’s interest as per their terminology that helps them to perceive about customer requirements.
✓ It helps them to undertake their marketing campaign to lure more customers towards them.
✓ It helps them to undertake their marketing campaign to lure more customers towards them.

Proper communication

Proper Co-ordination & Communication

Companies can facilitates a smooth communication flow with proper coordination with in the department.
✓ By the help of fast web CRM software, the companies can communicate & even circulate any important information effectively.
✓ There is less chance of any miscommunication or misunderstanding.
✓ Enables the complete transparency within the organization

sales tracking

Manage Sales Cycle

Fast real estate CRM software enable the companies to keep a proper track of sales process. Evaluate executive performance and calculate future revenue & profitability .
✓ Filter out all the interested customers, where the executives needs to focus more.
✓ Manage the complete sales pipeline.
✓ Track communication
✓ Supports in forecasting of sales

property master

Property Masters

Client relationship manager software can keep the complete details of the builders & projects at one place.
✓ Make sales pitch smoother for sales guys, since all the information of their product is available at one place.
✓ Keeps all the details of particular project, along with its price & size of the units.
✓ While feeding the enquiry details the executive can easily fetch the demanded details & tagged with that, which helpful for them

CRM reports

MIS & Reports

At the end of day, companies require some reports to measure the performance & fast CRM is highly capable of generating these reports.
✓ Gives a complete performance report according to property or executive users.
✓ Reports can be ed in excel formats.
✓ Manage pending Enquiries, with their sources. That can be helpful in evaluating the sources usefulness.
✓ Daily call reports of the executives, that helps the organizations to track, what they have done all day