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Fast CRM Software in India is a system which helps to streamline your companies leads,opportunities,appointments,sales and support by keeping customer as center of process. FAST CRM India helps you boost your company’s Sales, Support & Satisfaction. Our CRM software for small and medium businesses helps you shorten your lead cycles, which means more sales and helps you provide on time support, which means happy customers.

FAST CRM solutions India Features

FAST & BEST CRM Software for small business is quite different from the traditional CRM, Our Customizable software is integrated by our experts after getting a deep understanding of your business process. FAST CRM is a web based software, so you can access it from anywhere with ease. It’s a tightly coordinated system, which covers sales, purchase, marketing and support too. So there is no need to maintain your data in multiple systems, and lots of time is saved. All the important information is available on figure tips, so you don’t miss any point while making any business decision. FAST CRM Software in India has inbuilt support ticket management module. Whereas one can easily track all support request.

Manage your operation more efficiently
increase efficiency

Improve cash flow

Improve cash flow

Easier customer sales

customer sales

Reduce administration efforts

Lead Management
Email Management
List Management
Contact Management
Access and Synchronization
Account Management
Opportunity Management
Quote Management
Product Database
Contract Management
Real Time Marketing
Scheduler Management
Members Portal

Customer Service and Support
Case and Incident Management
Solution Management
Knowledge Base Management
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Custom Reporting and Analytics
Dashboard Reporting
Billing and Invoicing
Inventory Management
Project Management
Employee Management
Score Sheet
Email Management
SMS Management
Reports and Dash Boards


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Data Security

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