CEO Dashboard

CEO Dashboard

A single place for everything you need to know your business

An Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Dashboard is a visual representation, such as the image , that gives executives a quick and easy way to view their company’s performance in real-time.
5 Key Benefits of Executive Dashboards
• Visibility
• Ongoing Improvements
• Time Savings
• Judge Performance Against Your Plan
• Employee Performance Improvements

Executive Dashboards

Increase sales

Real-time sales results

What's the revenue growth this month? Who has sold the most? Get instant answers to all your sales questions.

work tracking

Work tracking

Who's is working on what? Is the team fully utilized? Get an overview of how your team is doing in real time.


Up-to-date finances

What are the budgeted vs actuals results? Who's in the list of debtors? See all your KPIs in real time.

sales chart

sales funnel